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FAQ for Filtration, Cleaning, Mixing and Dosing

FAQ for Filtration, Cleaning, Mixing and Dosing

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FAQ for Filtration, Cleaning, Mixing and Dosing

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Filtration, Cleaning, Mixing and Dosing



Filtration and cleaning


Q1Cleaning time and water consumption of LTSQX-1m³ double door cleaning machine.

AA single cycle cleaning step takes about 3 minutes, and the water consumption is 80L; cleaning with a cleaning agent takes about 8 minutes, and the water consumption is also 80L.


Q2Cleaning cycle of LTSQX-1m³ double door cleaning machine.

AA cleaning cycle requires approximately 6-9 sub-steps.


Q3The role of internal arc design in cleaning machine.

ADesign automatic drainage slope, no dead angle, easy to clean.


Q4How to check the cleaning effect?

ACleaning effect coverage test: The riboflavin solution is sprayed on the item, and it is irradiated with a fluorescent lamp after cleaning. If it is not cleaned, fluorescence will appear.


Q5How long does it usually take to clean and dry?

AGenerally, it takes 60-90 minutes to clean and dry.


Q6Why do two conductivity tests?

AOne conductivity test is an online conductivity test, and the other conductivity test is an offline conductivity test. The two tests are verified to ensure the accuracy.


Q7Is the discharge temperature of the cleaning machine controlled?

AThe cleaning machine adopts a water admixing device, which can fully mix hot and cold water to meet the requirements of different users on the drainage temperature.


Q8Can the cleaning machine be controlled remotely?

AThe washing machine can provide an alternate Ethernet interface for the user to carry out remote control functions.


Q9Data security.

AOperators and maintenance personnel cannot modify permanent data under any circumstances. (historical data, save files)


Q10The difference between a medical cleaning machine and an ordinary cleaning machine.

AMedical cleaning machines have higher requirements, the ultrasonic frequency is higher than 20,000 Hz, and the material contact parts are required to meet S316, which needs to meet the medical disinfection standards.


Q11How many ways does the cleaning machine have to open the door?

AThere are two types, manual opening and automatic opening. Small models of cleaning machines can only be opened manually, and a larger cavity can support automatic opening.


Q12How does the cleaning machine ensure the safety interlock?

AThe program cannot start until the door is lowered to the normal sealing position and sealed. The procedure cannot be started if the sealing door is not closed. Once the program is up and running, the sealed door is locked and cannot be opened to ensure safe operation. When the program is not over or the temperature in the cabin exceeds the set value, the airtight door will be protected and cannot be opened to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. Double doors (double-leaf equipment) are interlocked to ensure effective isolation between areas. Set the obstacle detection switch, the door will automatically stop running when encountering obstacles during the closing process.


Q13Heating system of cleaning machine.

AThe heating system of the cleaning machine can be set according to the program. At different stages, electric heating tubes or steam coils are used to heat the cleaning circulating water in the cabin, which can be heated up to 93°C and maintained to thermally sterilize the cleaning items.


Q14Does the cleaning machine have a trolley?

ANo, the cleaning machine with trolley needs to add extra cost.



Mixing and dosing


Q15The difference between the upper stirring and the bottom magnetic stirring of the dosing tank.

AThe power of the upper stirring is large, and it is not easy to clean. The magnetic stirring force is small and easy to clean.


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