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FAQ for Separation and purification method (2)

FAQ for Separation and purification method (2)

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FAQ for Separation and purification method (2)

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Separation and purification method (2)


1separation (centrifugal machine)


Q1What is a centrifugal pump?

AA centrifugal pump is a material transfer pump.


Q2The role of the centrifuge.

ACentrifuges are used for solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation, purifying extracts or concentrates. Separation by centrifugal machine belongs to physical purification.



2Double effect concentration


Q1Do extraction and concentration machines require heating equipment?

AAs long as it is extracted by heating, heating equipment is required.


Q2What is the concentration of alcohol after concentration?

AThe concentration of alcohol after concentration is 10% lower than that of the original feed.


Q3What is double effect concentration?

AFirst of all, "effect" means: heat exchange effect. Double effect means that there are two heat exchange effects. The first effect: the equipment is heated by an external heat source. Second effect: The heat energy generated by the first effect reheats the equipment.


Q4What is the difference between a double effect concentrator and a spherical concentrator?

AThe double-effect concentrator is basically used for equipment with water extraction and evaporation rate greater than 500kg/h. The spherical concentrator is to increase the concentration ratio. The spherical concentrator is carried out after the double-effect concentrator.


Q5If the solvent is alcohol, is it recommended to use double-effect concentration or single-effect concentration? Where is the difference?

AWhether or not to use alcohol as a solvent depends on the solubility characteristics of the material. The energy utilization rate of double-effect concentration is higher. If the solvent is alcohol, it is recommended to use a double-effect condenser, and the alcohol volatilization rate is low.


Q6What are the types and functions of concentrators?

AConcentrators are mainly divided into spherical concentrators, single-effect concentrators and double-effect concentrators.

The single-effect concentrator is suitable for the recovery of industrial alcohol such as dairy products, and can be used for vacuum concentration of materials with small batches, many varieties and low heat sensitivity.

The double-effect concentrator is suitable for the concentration of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, food and dairy products, etc. It is especially suitable for low-temperature vacuum concentration of heat-sensitive materials.

The spherical concentrator is mainly composed of four parts: the main body of the concentration tank, the condenser, the vapor-liquid separator, and the liquid receiving barrel. Because the spherical concentrator adopts decompression concentration, the concentration time is short, and the effective components of heat-sensitive materials will not be destroyed.





Q1The difference between single-layer storage tanks and double-layer storage tanks.

AThe single-layer storage tank only plays the role of buffer storage.

The double-layer storage tank has the function of keeping warm and cold.



4Alcohol precipitation


Q1The role of the external cooling system.

AIt is cooled with alcohol to separate the wax and fat from the cannabis, and then filtered through the filter of the extraction tank.


Q2The process and principle of alcohol precipitation.

APrinciple: Impurities in cannabis are insoluble in a certain concentration of alcohol, and the precipitation of impurities is removed after adding an appropriate amount of alcohol to the water extract.

Process: After cooling the concentrate, slowly add alcohol while stirring to reach the specified alcohol content. Sealed and refrigerated for 24 to 48 hours, filtered, recovered alcohol, washed with precipitation alcohol, and then obtained a refined solution.


Q3What is the main function of the alcohol precipitation tank?

AThe alcohol precipitation tank is used in the alcohol precipitation of traditional Chinese medicine, oral liquid, food and health products, etc. The alcohol precipitation tank is the key equipment in the alcohol precipitation process.


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