Hot air circulation oven processing effect is not ideal? Take this maintenance strategy

Hot air circulation oven processing effect is not ideal? Take this maintenance strategy

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Hot air circulation oven processing effect is not ideal? Take this maintenance strategy

(Summary description)


Hot air circulation oven processing effect is not ideal? Take this maintenance strategy


Hot air circulation oven is a very common oven equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. It uses steam or electricity as the heat source, and uses the axial fan to heat the heat exchanger by convection. When the hot air laminar flows through the drying plate and the material for heat transfer, the fresh air can come in from the air inlet, and the waste hot and humid air is discharged from the wet outlet, and the whole system is constantly replenished through this The relative humidity in the oven is maintained by filling fresh air and continuously discharging hot and humid air.


At present, with the promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection policies and the continuous development of energy-saving technology, the thermal efficiency of hot air circulation oven on the market can generally reach 70% or more, which has the advantages of uniform drying, energy saving, temperature control, low noise, long service life and so on.



In order to ensure the processing effect of materials, the correct use of hot air circulation oven is very important. For example, when using electricity, operators should not touch the electrical parts on the left side of the box by hand, or wipe them with wet cloth or wash them with water; do not place the items in the box too crowded, and leave enough space to allow the moist air to escape on the top of the wind. The use of the equipment must be in the charge of a special person, and the external power supply should be cut off at the end of the use of the equipment to avoid accidents.


In addition, there is a lot of maintenance work, which requires equipment operators to master maintenance knowledge. The technicians of some manufacturers listed the following maintenance strategies, and the author made a brief carding.



Daily maintenance strategy


Equipment maintenance can be divided into daily maintenance and monthly maintenance. The necessary work is indispensable and needs to be taken seriously by the operators.


Among them, in terms of daily maintenance, the operator should clean the inner tank in time after each processing to ensure the hygiene of the oven. Technicians remind that some oven workrooms are fixed welding shelves and laminates. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid being scratched by metal quick opening.


When the high temperature oven in the laboratory is in the cold state, check whether the value of the temperature controller is close to the room temperature. If the difference is obvious, repair the temperature controller in time.


In case of sudden power failure, the operator should first turn off the heating switch and open the box door to prevent automatic start-up in case of power call.


In addition, before each start-up, the operator should check whether the fan operates normally and whether there is any abnormal sound. If there is any abnormality, the oven should be shut down immediately and the maintenance worker should be informed for maintenance.



Monthly maintenance strategy


Technicians said that the general hot air circulation oven can be maintained once a month, the main steps are the following 6 points.


1. during maintenance, the operator needs to check whether the air outlet of the oven is blocked and clean up the dust in time. At the same time, check whether the air exchange rate of air inlet and air outlet is suitable.


2. check whether the fan operates normally, whether the fan can start normally and whether there is abnormal sound. If there is any fault, stop the machine immediately and repair it before putting it into use.


3. after checking the fan, check whether there is too much dust on the electrical components. If there is too much dust, it will affect the heat dissipation of the electrical components and cause faults. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the dust in time.


4. remove motor dust, technical personnel said that if the motor's poor heat dissipation, or lead to motor failure.


5. check whether the temperature controller is accurate. If not, correct it in time. In addition, it is worth noting that the operator should replace the sensor in time after long-term use to prevent it from oxidation in high temperature environment for a long time and reduce the accuracy.


6. the operator also needs to check whether the heating rate of the high temperature oven in the laboratory slows down, whether the heating pipe is damaged, and whether the circuit is aging.


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