In the process of using the dry granulator, what is the matter of the large amount of dust produced?

In the process of using the dry granulator, what is the matter of the large amount of dust produced?

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In the process of using the dry granulator, what is the matter of the large amount of dust produced?

(Summary description)


In the process of using the dry granulator,

what is the matter of the large amount of dust produced?


The dry granulator is a kind of swinging action with a rotating drum, which can grind wet powder raw materials into granules through an iron wire screen. It is currently widely used in pharmaceutical and other industries.


According to different uses, dry granulator can be divided into production type and experimental type. Among them, the experimental dry granulator is mainly used for the development and research of new dosage forms of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and the production of small-dose Chinese medicine preparations. At present, some equipment on the market can achieve clean and closed production from powder to granules, and the human-machine interface is safe. , Reliable, fast, with large amount of information, and high rate of finished products. At the same time, the design of the transparent working area makes observation more direct and convenient.

At present, some domestic dry granulator manufacturers have developed a new type of dry granulator based on imported models and combined with their national conditions. They are suitable for the production of a variety of materials, and the system provides a wide range of equipment, processes and operators. Level password management control, which is convenient for the safe operation of equipment, production management and product quality control, was widely favored by the audience at the previous pharmaceutical machinery exhibition.


No matter what type of dry granulator, it is inevitable for the operator to face some common faults during use, find out the problem in time and deal with it accordingly.


Among them, the large amount of dust is a problem that many users have deeply experienced. So why does this happen? Some technical manufacturers made a brief analysis on this.


One is the problem of equipment structure design. It is understood that because many dry granulator manufacturers design their equipment relatively simply and do not consider the problem of dust particles, the equipment produces a large amount of dust, which has an impact on the production of users.



With the improvement of GMP requirements and the introduction of the concept of cGMP, dry granulator manufacturers also need to update the specifications and concepts of drug production, and the structure needs to be adjusted to fully consider the dust particles generated during drug production to ensure the production environment , In order to meet the requirements of high-quality development in the pharmaceutical industry.


The technical staff also reminded that there is another thing that needs attention with regard to the problem of dust production, which is the vibration of the equipment. "Vibration will increase the generation of dust particles and aggravate the diffusion of dust particles. Therefore, when manufacturing equipment, it is necessary to consider the overall structure and manufacturing accuracy to find the vibration source that causes the vibration to reduce the vibration generated by the equipment.


Secondly, the degassing effect is not good. It is understood that after the air in the particle gap is compressed, the pressure is suddenly released during the crushing and granulation process, and the air explosion causes a large amount of fine powder, so the amount of dust is relatively large.


In addition to the problem of large dust production, roll wear is also one of the common faults. It is understood that there is cooling water inside the roll, and there are dynamic sealing devices on the rotating roll and the static cooling water pipeline. If it is used for a long time, it is prone to leakage or roll damage. At present, some manufacturers have improved the structure of the roll so that the cooling water flows directly to the surface of the pressure roller, which can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the roll and greatly reduce the possibility of leakage.


In addition, due to the material selection and processing technology, many rolls are used, due to the high pressure during granulation, after a period of use, the rolls will also wear out, so many manufacturers need to repurchase after a period of use. Roll.

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