Research on the Trend of Packaging Machinery Design

Research on the Trend of Packaging Machinery Design

(Summary description)With the development of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for mechanical performance, mainly in the following aspects:

Research on the Trend of Packaging Machinery Design

(Summary description)With the development of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for mechanical performance, mainly in the following aspects:


Research on the Trend of Packaging Machinery Design


LTPM CHINA packaging machinery design is based on market research and market analysis, and strives to serve customers. With the development of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for mechanical performance, mainly in the following aspects:


1. High productivity to meet the requirements of delivery time and reduce the cost of process circulation; for some products, packaging machinery and production machinery are also required to be connected.

2. To meet the needs of product renewal, packaging machinery must have high flexibility and flexibility.

3. There are few equipment failures, and remote diagnosis services can be carried out if there is a failure.

4. Low environmental pollution, including noise, dust and waste pollution.

5. The investment in purchasing equipment should be as small as possible, and the price should be as low as possible.



LTPM CHINA has taken the following measures to meet the above customer requirements:


1. Improve the Degree of Automation of the Process


A few years ago, automation technology only accounted for 30% of packaging machinery design, now it accounts for more than 50%, and a large number of microcomputer design and mechatronics control are used. The purpose of increasing the degree of automation of packaging machinery is to increase productivity; the second is to improve the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment; the third is to improve the ability of packaging machinery to complete complex actions, that is, the use of robots to complete the packaging process. For example, the packaging of chocolate candies has realized the use of robots to replace the original manual.


The packaging machinery automation design has the following two main characteristics:


1. Each Manipulator is Controlled by A Separate Computer

In order to complete a complex packaging action, a packaging machine needs to be completed by multiple manipulators. When the packaging action is completed, under the information and monitoring of the computer-controlled camera, the manipulator completes the required actions according to the instructions of the computer program to ensure the quality of the packaging.


2. With High Resolution of Material and Thickness

In the packaging process, the thickness and material changes of packaging materials are not easily distinguished by human eyes. Therefore, computer-controlled cameras and detectors are often used to distinguish the thickness and material changes of packaging materials when designing packaging machinery. The camera has now been developed to be able to check and distinguish the photographed pictures on its own, and display it on the screen. At present, the speed of the machine cannot be changed during processing. In the future, the speed should be changed after distinguishing according to the change of the material, so as to control the work under the automatic state, complete the packaging process in the shortest time, and realize automatic cleaning, automatic disinfection and automatic clean.


2. Improve Productivity, Reduce Process Cost, and Meet Production Requirements to the Utmost Extent


LTPM CHINA packaging machinery has the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability. Its beverage filling speed is as high as 1200 bottles/hour. Increasing the machine speed is a complicated problem. The faster the speed, the lower the production cost per piece, but the area of ​​the plant will increase accordingly.


In addition, the motor speed is also limited, so you can't think as fast as you want. Generally speaking, a 15-20% increase in speed will bring about a series of complex problems.



In addition to increasing the speed, the productivity can also be solved through other channels:


1. Use Continuous Work or Multi-head Work

There are intermittent and continuous working modes of packaging machinery. When designing, you should strive to be designed to work continuously, which increases productivity; there can also be multiple production lines in one equipment to produce the same product or several different products, but Reliability must be improved.


2. Reduce Scrap Rate and Provide Failure Analysis System

The loss caused by waste products to production is huge, not only product loss, but also material loss. Therefore, we must try our best to reduce the scrap rate; when packaging machinery is sold, we should also provide a fault analysis system for maintenance services, that is, conduct modal analysis to find faults, or perform remote diagnosis through the network to maximize customer needs. In the future, the packaging machinery will be further intelligentized, that is, the equipment finds faults on its own, and solves the faults by itself, so as to reduce the rejection rate and failure rate, so that the normal productivity can be improved.


3. Integrate Product Production Machinery and Packaging Machinery

Many products are then packaged when the production is completed, which is also beneficial to increase the productivity of the product. For example, the chocolate production equipment and packaging equipment produced in Germany are controlled by a system. The key to the integration of the two is to solve the problem of matching each other in productivity. Among them, packaging machinery often becomes the bottleneck of production, so it is necessary to provide equipment with different types of productivity.


3. Adapt to Product Changes and Design Equipment with Good Flexibility and Flexibility


In order to adapt to the fierce part of the market, many packaged products have shorter and shorter replacement cycles. For example, the production of cosmetics changes every three years or even every quarter, and the production volume is very large. Therefore, packaging machinery is required to have good flexibility and flexibility, so that the life of the packaging machinery is much longer than the life cycle of the product, so that it can be economical. Sexual requirements.



In order to make the packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, it is necessary to adopt a large number of microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination forms. In order to adapt to changes in packaging product varieties and packaging types, the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery and equipment are often manifested in the following three aspects:


1. Volume Flexibility

It can not only pack a single product, but also adapt to the packaging of different batches of products.


2. Flexibility of Construction

The whole equipment is composed of units, and one or several units can be used to adapt to product changes.


3. Flexibility of Supply

Use unit combination to combine all units together for supply, such as a candy packaging machine. On a common basis, combine different units, three inlets, and four different folding packaging forms, so that one machine can be used at the same time Pack 8-10 different kinds of candies. Operated by multiple manipulators, under the supervision of a camera, command its actions, and pack different types of candies in different ways according to instructions. If the product is changed, just change the program in the camera, so that the device has good flexibility and flexibility.


4. Provide Complete Sets of Equipment


LTPMC CHINAs packaging machinery design, based on user needs, provides production companies with a structural and economical complete system solution, and uses computer simulation technology to demonstrate the operation to users, and modify them after soliciting usersopinions. When providing users with automatic production lines or production assembly line equipment, special attention is paid to the integrity of the complete set of equipment. Whether it is high-tech and high value-added equipment or relatively simple equipment, it is provided in accordance with the requirements of compatibility.


LTPM CHINA will also provide complete sets of equipment as its goal. For example, a beverage filling line has more than 200 microcomputers, many pipelines, display screens, and more than 100 software programs that control various packaging actions. In order to meet the productivity of 1200 bottles/hour, two lines must work together. Therefore, the production of the entire beverage filling line takes up half the area of ​​a football field, and all equipment is required to be in one factory.



5. Universal Use of Computer Simulation Design Technology


With the continuous acceleration of new product development, LTPM CHINA packaging machinery design generally adopts computer simulation technology, which means that various machine elements are stored in a computer in a database, and the drawings are digitized and input into the computer, and the computer can automatically synthesize a three-dimensional model. Then enter the actual production data and indicators, enter various possible failures, and the computer three-dimensional model can imitate the real work situation to operate, demonstrating how much productivity can be achieved, how many scraps are there, and the production line has five Whether a section can match the production and where is the bottleneck, so that customers can see at a glance according to the curve displayed on the screen, and can modify the model according to customers' opinions. The computer synthesis speed is very fast, so the modification work is quick and convenient, until the customer or the designer is satisfied. The use of computer simulation design technology greatly shortens the development and design cycle of packaging machinery.



Packaging machinery design should not only pay attention to its function and efficiency, but also to its economy. But economics is not entirely the cost of the machinery and equipment itself, more important is the operating cost, because equipment depreciation only accounts for 6-8% of the cost, and the rest is the operating cost.


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