QS-100 Airflow Crusher
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QS-100 Airflow Crusher

QS-100 Airflow Crusher

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Main Application:

This machine is applied for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, minerals, pesticides, paint, fuel, new ceramic, magnetic and other brittle material ultra-fine crushing. Especially for small 

businesses experimental quantity and variety production.


Working principle:

This machine is used for compressing gases. through feed sprayer, made powder materials (near 60 mesh) which fall from automatic feeder come into mill evenly and continuously. 

Meanwhile, by the pulverizing nozzles at the periphery of the pulverizing room, compressed gas from high-speed air flow, then spray into the pulverizing room , make powder particles 

impact and rub each other, this attain pulverization goal, After pulverized, the greater pare of the ultra-fine particles are collected under the cyclone separator, part of further fine 

particles are collected into filter collector and gases discharge through filter. This machine is simple structure,small volume,easy cleaning.


Model Grinding press Feed pressure Air volume Handing capacity Crushing Fineness Motor power of air comperssor overall dimension weight
QS-100 0.6-0.9Mpa 0.6-0.9Mpa 1.1-1.55m³/min 2-10kg/h 300-2000mesh 13-15kw 1320*620*1600mm 140kg
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