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FAQ for Extraction and concentration machine

FAQ for Extraction and concentration machine

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FAQ for Extraction and concentration machine

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Extraction and concentration machine


Q1Is the oil extracted with alcohol or water? If alcohol extraction is used, will the final extracted oil contain alcohol impurities?

AThe method of extracting oil depends on the specific process. The oil extracted by alcohol extraction will not contain any solvent because of the oil-water separator.


Q2Does oil extraction require concentration equipment?

AIf the oil is extracted by distillation, it is enough to add a condenser and an oil-water separation device to the extraction tank.


Q3Method of oil extraction.

AThere are dry steaming and wet cooking.


Q4What equipment should be used for dry steaming and wet cooking?

ADry steaming requires a pure steam generator, and steam is passed through the tank to heat the raw materials;

For wet cooking, steam boilers or electric heating of heat transfer oil tanks and vacuum pumps are used.


Q5Can water extraction and alcohol extraction share a system?

AYes, but the condensing system of the concentrator will be different. Alcohol extraction requires a double condensation system to prevent alcohol volatilization and improve alcohol recovery.


Q6Are flammable and explosive solvents not recommended for extraction?

AFlammable and explosive solvents can be used because the equipment has an explosion-proof system.


Q7When there is flammable and explosive liquid, does the tank need to be equipped with an explosion-proof device?

AYes, when there are flammable and explosive solvents, the tank needs to be equipped with an explosion-proof device.


Q8What is the difference between a hot reflux extraction and concentration unit and an ordinary extraction and concentrator?

AOrdinary extraction concentrators require multiple doses of solvent. The hot reflux extraction and concentration unit only needs to put the solvent once, which is more convenient.


Q9What is the role of rising film concentrator and falling film concentrator?

AConcentrators are designed to evaporate excess solvent or water. Falling film concentrators are energy efficient and less prone to clogging.


Q10Compared with single-effect concentration, what are the advantages of double-effect concentration?

ADouble-effect concentration can improve the steam utilization rate, and it is better to choose double-effect concentration when the output is relatively large.


Q11What concentrators are used when extracting with different solvents?

AIt is recommended to use a double-effect concentrator for water extraction, and a single-effect concentrator for wine extraction.


Q12What kind of dryer is used to dry the materials discharged from different concentrators?

AIt is recommended to use a spray dryer after double-effect concentration;

It is recommended to use a vacuum dryer after single-effect concentration.


Q13Is it possible to add ultrasonic extraction to the extraction and concentration equipment?

AYes, ultrasonic extraction can be added to the extraction and concentration equipment.


Q14Compared with supercritical extraction machines, what are the advantages of extraction and concentration machines?

AThe equipment of the extraction and concentration machine is cheap, no pressure vessel, simple operation, fast extraction, and the product is more suitable for purification.


Q15What is the process of CO2 extraction?

ACO2extraction kettleseparation Irefining columnseparation IIloop


Q16What is the difference between ultrasonic extraction and supercritical extraction?

AThe two extraction methods cannot be compared.

1. Ultrasonic extraction: Add an ultrasonic generator to the extraction to improve the extraction efficiency.

2. Supercritical extraction: COis pressurized and temperature-controlled to make it reach a supercritical state, and contact with the material in the extraction tank to efficiently extract oil and fat components.

3. Ultrasonic extraction is an auxiliary extraction function. Supercritical extraction is a high-pressure product with high cost and many operation steps.


Q17In extraction and concentration equipment, what does ASME mean?

AASME is a pressure vessel certification.


Q18Can the extracted and concentrated material be directly dried?

AThe extracted and concentrated material can be directly dried.


Q19How many heating methods are there for extraction and concentration?

ASteam heating and electric heating.


Q20What are the advantages and disadvantages of steam heating compared to electric heating?

ASteam heating is more environmentally friendly. But it needs to be equipped with a steam boiler and UV certification.


Q21Is there a filter unit? How to separate the wax after extraction?

ASeparation and filtration are usually performed with a Disc stack centrifuge.


Q22The role of Filter.

AFilter impurities.


Q23What is the function of the condenser on the extraction tank?

AThe condenser on the extraction tank is to cool the evaporated solvent and recycle it for reuse.


Q24What is the function of the condenser on the concentrator?

ARecover solvent, recycle and reuse.


Q25What is the role of the vacuum pump?

AA vacuum pump is used to lower the temperature during extraction.


Q26Can the chromatographic separation step be followed by extraction and before concentration?

AYes, but it will waste more resin. Chromatographic separation is usually followed by concentration.


Q27How many times do you need to extract a batch of oil tankers?

AExtract three times, 3 hours, 2 hours, and 1 hour respectively; the storage tank can be selected as the same size as the extraction tank, or the storage tank is three times the size of the extraction tank.


Q28How much does the material and solvent ratio account for in the extraction tank?

AMaterials and solvents account for 75-80% of the extraction tank.


Q29Alcohol recovery device.

AThe equipment has an alcohol recovery device, but the alcohol concentration will decrease. If you want to increase the alcohol concentration, you usually need to use an alcohol recovery tower or an alcohol dosing tank.


Q30What should I do if the material produces a lot of foam during extraction and concentration?

ADefoam with vacuum pulses or electrodes.


Q31What do you get after wintering?

AAfter winterization, an extract without wax and fat is obtained.


Q32Can Stevia extraction be filtered only 4 times without adding other substances like alcohol? (normal filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration)

ANo, stevia extraction requires the addition of decarburization and HPLC.


Q33Can stevia crystallize after being extracted and concentrated? (Stevia crystals)

AYes, but the impurities must be filtered first.


Q34Curcumin extraction process.

A1. Curcumin is easily soluble in alkaline water.

2. Curcumin is also soluble in organic solvents, and organic solvents such as ethanol or acetone are commonly used to extract the crushed turmeric raw materials. The extract is separated by centrifugation or filtration, and the curcumin product is obtained through concentration, purification and drying.

3. Curcumin is most commonly extracted with 70% alcohol and then concentrated. If separation and purification are required, a resin column is required.


Q35What equipment is used to extract curcumin?

A1. According to the extraction requirements, curcumin is usually extracted with a hot reflux unit.

2. Extractor, concentrator, resin column, crystallization tank, concentrator.


Q36What is the oil after the initial concentration of cannabis extraction?

ACrude Oil is the initial concentration of cannabis extraction.


Q37Does hemp extraction produce wax?

AYes, but low temperature extraction can easily filter out the wax.


Q38How to remove chlorophyll from cannabis extraction?

AChlorophyll is rarely present when extracted with alcohol.


Q39What equipment is used to remove THC during cannabis extraction and concentration?

AExtraction filter concentration unit. Strictly speaking, removal of THC is a filtration purification process.


Q40What equipment is needed to directly dry the crude oil into powder, and can the essential oil be dried?

AIt mainly depends on the specific process. Usually, the crude oil is dried with an emulsifier to mix materials such as gelatin and talc, and then spray-dried into microcapsules. The material in the essential oil stage cannot be dried because there is no moisture left.


Q41What extraction equipment is used to extract mucus from a living body (snail)?

AThis depends on the specific process, and the target extract is dissolved in a solvent or water for extraction.


Q42Can the machine do sericin extraction? (sercin from silkworm)

ADepending on the specific process decision, our equipment boils or cools the material for extraction.


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